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"Weights and Measures"

Online Unit Converter Pro (says it all)

MegaConverter (Everything you ever wanted to convert.)

DigitalDutch : WWW Unit Converter (also Mega&c.)

Unit Converter : More of same

Units Converter : More of same yet

Knovel Unit Converter : Engineering Conversions

Online Conversion (Convert just about anything to anything else).

 Online conversion of weights and measures, measurement conversion

Measurement Conversion

Measurement Conversions

 Unit Conversion Tools (Length, Temperature, Speed, Volume, Weight and Mass, Computer Units, Time, Metric, Area, Energy and Work, Power, Pressure, Angle, Currency)

Conversions and Equivalents (Conversion Factors, Metric and U.S. Equivalents, Conversion of Miles to Kilometers and Kilometers to Miles, Bolts and Screws: Conversion from Fractions of an Inch to Millimeters, Cooking Measurement Equivalents, Fahrenheit and Celsius (Centigrade) Scales)

Calculate Me (Temperature, Currency Exchange Rates, Convert Between US and UK Recipes, Gas Mileage, Roman Numerals, Area, Astronomy, Butter, Computer Storage, Energy, Length, Speed, Time, Volume, Weight)

Conversion Calculator

Unit Conversion Guide (NOAA)

Unit Conversion Calculator (Temperature, Angle, Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force, Pressure, Time, Velocity, Acceleration, Volumetric Flowrate, Mass Density, Weight Density, Mass Flow, Energy, Power, Viscosity)

Unit Conversions

Miscellaneous Conversions

Miscellaneous Conversions (Bilingual)

 Conversions, Equivalent Measures, Metric Conversion Table

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The World Clock - Time Zones

(UTC/GMT) current local time from

Time Zone Converter - The Time Zone - What time is it in ___?

World Time Zone Map (Current time around the world)

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - World Time / Time in every Time Zone

Currencies & Foreign Exchange

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FXConverter Currency Converter for 164 Currencies/center

Currency Rates conversion online

Currency Conversion

Currency Converter

Chef's Concerns

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Cooking Conversions

Epicurean: Chef's Cooking Calculator

Cooking Measurement Equivalents

Food Conversions

French Cooking Metric Conversions

Conversions, Cooking Resources and Conversion Calculators

Conversion Tables for Cooking Measurements

Cooking Tips: Measurement Conversions

Kitchen Measurement Conversions

Heirloom Weights & Measures Conversion Chart - Home Cooking

World Wide Recipes Conversion and Ingredient Information (Standard Conversion Tables : Oven Temperatures, American Liquid Measures, American Can Sizes, British Liquid Measures, International Liquid Measurements, British Short Cuts, Some Australian Conversions, Metric Spoons, Weight, Chinese Catties. Substitutions and Equivalents : Chocolates, Dairy Products, Fats, Flours, Leavening Agents, Starches, Sugar and Other Sweeteners)

Conversions & Equivalencies (Baking)

UK to US Recipe Conversions